Hi, I’m Jane.

Tiny Space Cooking shares with you my delicious recipes for small kitchens everywhere. Utilising everyday, seasonal and store cupboard ingredients, my dishes are prepared and cooked with ease, using a handful of basic equipment.

I am a wife of one, mother of two and lover of nature and all things food.

Growing up as the grand-daughter of a baker and the daughter of a fruit grower, I was literally surrounded by quality produce. Our family shop in the old Covent Garden and the orchards in the countryside developed my love of fresh food and cooking. I grew up in London and worked in an array of jobs, including a Chef before travelling extensively on my own, until my mid-30’s, when I moved to Kent to settle in nature and walk the extensive footpaths of The Garden of England.

For all my adult life, I’ve prepared and cooked meals in small kitchens, mostly daily family meals for four. However, my kitchen became even smaller when my partner and I bought our ‘home on wheels’ and started travelling, as often as we could, around the UK and further afield. Along the way, I’ve had to learn to be a tidy cook and keep my equipment to a minimum. Manoeuvring your way around a small kitchen can be a juggling act but for me, I love the simplicity.

These are not Michelin starred plates but delicious, healthy and homemade recipes which can be easily altered for personal tastes. I eat a pescatarian diet and choose to use as many organic items as possible but you use whatever you prefer. Each plate you see was cooked and eaten immediately after the photograph.

In all my time cooking, I’ve seen food trends come and go, so I do hope you enjoy my unfussy tempting tasty dishes.

Jane xx